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96 Businesses You Could Start TODAYRight now!

In the modern world, entrepreneurs are more common than ever, and there are so many opportunities to start your own business.

So if you’re sick of looking for a job, or you want a change, why not start one today?

We’ve compiled a list of 96 ideas for little home businesses that you could start right now. All you need is a willingness to work, a bit of business acumen, and an ability to look for new opportunities at every turn!

Active Businesses

via www.ymcacalgary.org
via www.ymcacalgary.org
  • Swimming Teacher: Becoming a swim teacher in Australia is easier than it sounds, and if offers a flexible way to work, and stay fit, at the same time.
  • Mystery Shopper: Got a passion for shopping? Sign up to be a mystery shopper and do it every day!
  • Car Detailing: If you love cars and you’re detail oriented, this is the perfect business for you!
  • Dog Walker: Passionate about animals and exercise, a dog walking business could take off in your town!
  • Lawn Mower or Gardener: Not just a business for kids anymore, this is one task that people love to outsource!
  • House Cleaning: Become someone’s go-to clean guru and start a house cleaning business today!
  • Window Cleaning: If houses aren’t your thing, specialise in cleaning windows in offices and businesses!
  • Oven Cleaning: For expert oven cleaners, you’d be surprised just how much work is around for a pro!
  • Ironing or Washing Service: Who wants to do their own washing and ironing? Maybe you if you were getting paid!
  • Catering: Love to cook and feed people? A catering business with the right mind behind is guaranteed to succeed!
  • Pet Grooming: Animals are adorable, and with just a little bit of training you could be flexibly making money in your own home, or on the road, grooming people’s pets.
  • Mailing Services, e.g Junkmail: Advertising certainly isn’t getting less popular, which means there are always opportunities for delivering advertisings straight to the people.
  • Massage Therapist: You’ll need some training before you get started, but it’s a relaxing and fitness-enhancing business with lots of opportunities to make some money.
  • Pool Cleaner: Not everyone is an expert on pool cleaning, which is where you come in to save the day!
  • Fitness Group: For those with a passion for fitness, being a personal trainer means you can help people be their best self, while keeping yourself fit as well!
  • Tourist Guide: If you live in a tourist-friendly area, offering your local expertise as a tour guide can net both enjoyment and money!
  • Night Fill: An ideal position for making money outside normal hours, this is one business that starts itself!

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