Highest Paying Affiliate Program Niches for Aussie BloggersWhich areas pay the most $$

Blogging is a booming industry in Australia.

However, we are still miles behind the eight-ball when it comes to sign-up programs for bloggers and smaller websites to make money via affiliate marketing.

BUT: If you start getting into the game now – when Australia does catch up with the United States online – and we will – it will BOOM!

It can be a jungle out there – and many bloggers read about affiliate marketing, sign up, then realise just how damn hard it is to make decent money because even if your traffic is great, the click-throughs and sales are dismal. This has been the constant message I’ve seen from bloggers over the years and found out first-hand myself.

The comments I’ve heard about affiliate marketing include: ‘Affiliate marketing just isn’t worth it’ or ‘It is too much work’. And to date – it really has been. I’m not going to lie about that.


If you can get into the habit of embedding good quality affiliate program links into your content, via either product reviews or lists posts – as more and more Aussies are buying more and more items online, the time is now to start embedding some affiliate codes into your content and letting it slowly snowball.

Affiliates won’t get you rich overnight, or even in a month or a year. But if you do, it will consistently build up your audience and become trusted in your word – it can certainly be lucrative and be another stream of income.

What affiliate programs that WON’T be lucrative

There are some niches in affiliates that make a lot more money than others. Unfortunately, it is the most popular niches that actually DON’T make you much cash. They include:

  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Makeup and Skincare
  • Jewellery

Well, it’s not that they don’t make you money – they only offer a small commission so you would need to sell a tonne of a product if you want to make an income stream out of it.

BUT – there are also lots of niches that you can fulfill (depending on your audience) that have amazing pay-outs if you can convince your customers to hit the BUY BUTTON.

Some of the highest paying affiliate programs for Aussie bloggers, next!

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