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"She Left Me For Another Woman..."

Why women are leaving their husbands for other women

Sex on Your Period - Yay or Nay?

Everything you need to know about having sex on your period.

Your Kids Are People - Don't Put Frontline On Them To Kill Nits!

There's always someone who suggests this as a last resort in headlice eradication...

10 Easy Ways To Annoy Your Mother-in-Law on Christmas Day

Just showing up will do the trick, but if you want to go the extra mile then keep reading!

Porn – Why So Much?

2016 Pornography statistics...It ain’t a 97 billion dollar industry for no reason.

Kids Struggle With Handwriting Due To Technological Dependence

Modern Kids Find It Harder To Hold A Pencil Than Ever Before

7 Early Warning Signs You Could Be Dating a Narcissist

It may be hard to recognise, but if something isn’t quite right in your new relationship, you could be dating a Narcissist.

The Horrible Vulva Disease That Can Turn Into Vulva Cancer

A Vaginal Condition You Should Know About

Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

Why People Might Not Be Interested In Getting Married

Organic Sanitary Products for Mums Who Care About the Environment

Organic and reusuable products available in Australia

Why You Should Be Eating Less Processed Foods For Health And Money

The Benefits Of Eating Less Processed Foods

10 Reasons Couples Get Divorced That Aren't Because of Cheating

Infidelity isn't the only reason why married couples call it quits