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The Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy To Do ListCongratulations! You're pregnant, but what do you do now?

Week 31

Book in a pregnancy photo shoot with a photographer. This is an amazing time of your life and one you will love looking back on.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a leek.

Week 32

Baby Shower time! Enjoy the day and being the centre of attention. You are a wonder woman.
Size of your baby: A large Cos Lettuce

Week 33

Shop for any essentials that you didn’t receive from your baby shower.
Size of your baby:  Pineapple
 Mother giving birth to a baby. Newborn baby in delivery room. Mom holding her new born child after labor. Female pregnant patient in a modern hospital. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.

Week 34

Wash all baby’s clothes, cloth nappies (if using), blankets and sheets.
Size of Your baby:  Rockmelon

Week 35

Relax. See a common theme? Take time for yourself again. Not long to go now. If you head to the shops, make sure you go and buy yourself some good nursing bras and nursing pads. The last thing you want (but will inevitably get at some stage) is leaking milky boobs through your top.
Size of your baby: Honeydew Melon

Week 36

Stock up on groceries that can be frozen or stored in the pantry. Do some meal preparation and freeze cooked meals for once the baby arrives. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is cooking.
Size of Your Baby:

Week 37

Prepare a list of names, phone numbers and emails of who to contact once the baby arrives.
Have the Car seat/capsule fitted into your car.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a piece of Kale

Week 38

Do practice runs to the hospital so you know the fastest route, and one that doesn’t have as much traffic.
Size of Your Baby: As long as a stalk of rhubarb.

Week 39

Put your anxious, excited, impatient feet up. Everything is done. You’re organised. You have totally got this.
Size of Your Baby: A Small Orange Pumpkin

Week 40

Due date!! Congratulations! You can go about enjoying, falling in love with and learning more and more about your baby (and your body) without stressing that you’ve forgotten anything in the lead-up.
Size of Your Baby: Watermelon