6 Ways To Tell You Are SO DONE Having ChildrenSO DONE!

If you’re like me, you’ve always had a plan in mind – find love; get married; have three kids.

However, sometimes these plans will go astray and as time goes on, the chosen number of children may change. You may have always had your heart set on a big family but are feeling too overwhelmed at the thought of more than just the one. Or, you and your husband may have agreed that two is the perfect number but now that the kids are growing up, you may feel like your family is not yet complete. So how do you know when you’re done having children?

6 Easy Ways To Tell You Are SO DONE Having Children (1)

Here are 6 easy ways to tell:

1. When Your Cluck Turns to Yuck

It’s always great when your friends and family members make the announcement that they are expecting a baby. However, when you’re done having kids, that desire that you wish it were you making the announcement is a thing of the past.

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In fact, the very thought of having to go through the nine months of pregnancy and the newborn phase may be enough to make your stomach turn.

2. You Breathe a Sigh of Relief Every Month

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Remember the days of trying to conceive? Every month when you were not successful and you noticed your period had come, you were probably secretly disappointed. However, now, when you get your monthly reminder, it’s a sigh of relief that you have escaped any accidents. Yay for menstruation!

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