10 Signs Your Baby is TeethingLook Out For These!

Teething is never a fun time for a baby, or for their parents. It can be painful, disruptive, and very confusing for both the baby and for first-time parents.

That’s why it’s so important to know the signs of teething. The age at which most babies get their first teeth is different, so you can’t really calendar it in or plan for it. However, you can look for the teething signs and symptoms, which can occur as early as 1-2 months before teething begins in earnest.

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Of course, for new parents the signs of teething can be a big mystery. That’s why we’ve created this article, to help new mums and dads identify the signs and symptoms of teething, and be prepared to deal with them. Remember, when you’re in the middle of teething troubles, it seems like it takes forever but it will be over soon!

1. More Biting And Chewing

Being in the middle of the teething process means your baby may bite and chew more than usual. They could bite anything from toys, spoons, and even your breasts, nipples or skin in general. Babies tend to bite at this stage because doing so relieves pressure on the gums as the teeth are moving. So if you notice more biting and chewing, your little one could be teething!

2. Lots Of Drool

Parents will probably identify this one easier because it’s similar to the very early stages of a baby’s life when they’re still learning to swallow saliva. Excessive drooling also occurs during teething because more saliva is created in the process. More drool means it’s more than likely you’ve got some teeth coming up! In some cases, there’s so much drool that babies might suffer a chin rash from constant wetness, which is another thing to look out for.

3. Unusually Fussy, Particularly At Night

Another way to tell if your baby is teething is if they become fussier than normal, particularly during the night. A baby who usually sleeps throughout the night but then starts to wake up several times searching for comfort could be teething. The reason babies wake up more in the nights is because the pain is there and there isn’t anything to distract them as there might be during the day. So if your good sleeper is suddenly waking up at night and very early in the morning, it could be teething.

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