10 Amazing Heatless HairstylesThe faster the better!

Sick of using heating tools on your hair?

Try these easy and lovely hairstyles done by JaaackJack Youtube channel that can be done in just minutes!

No heating products or tools, just some hairbands and bobby pins!


1. The Pin Back

Using two pins, take your bangs and pin them around the sides.

10 Amazing Heatless Hairstyles | Stay At Home Mum Stay At Home Mum

2. The French Braid Head Band

Create three sections. Cross middle section underside sections, pick up more to the side sections and repeat until finished.

Stay At Home Mum

3. The Poodle Pony Tail

Pull the half top of your hair into a high pony tail and pump up using fingers and pulling sides to style.

Stay At Home Mum

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