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Home and away

A friend is really depressed about what ever happened on the show tonight. She is obviously relating to it in some way.
Anyone care to give rundown?
Can't find anything online


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Maybe she was depressed like me because we cant sit on ash's face.

Chick who was pregnant died and so did her baby. Possibly that.

Maybe she was depressed because no final will ever beat the John Palmer is an arsonist final

Or that Olivia cheated on Hunter and he was going to propose. Or that Brodie and Ziggy get back together. Or that it is the end of the season until 29th January 2018. Who knows.

 Can't believe Olivia didn't even tell hunter the reason. What a little sluzza
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Policewoman Kat was running away with her con boyfriend and had a car accident. She was pregnant and both her and the baby died.