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Anyone work for QANTAS? What is the deal with guests in the business class lounge?

Hubby and I are flying to Sydney from Perth with another couple. We are flying qantas, they are flying virgin. We purchased business class tickets using frequent flyer points. Hubby is a gold member, im not a member. Am i his guest (like I would be if we travelled economy and went to gold lounge) or because we both have business class tickets we can both bring a guest each? Technically anyone can buy a business class ticket and not be a QANTAS member.


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Business ticket allows you entry into the business lounge. No guests!
Gold members are allowed one guest when using the qantas club.
Yes, Qantas still has a customer service line, if you enjoy being on hold for hours.
Qantas customer service standards are dropping. It’s very disappointing.

 As long as their planes stay in the air!
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Does Qantas not have a customer service line anymore or what?

 Unless you have an hour or two to wait
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