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Husband issues

After suffering from a health condition and not getting any actual help when i needed (couldnt get out of bed somedays) and going through 2surgeries to hopefully fix my issues,(which i was still expected to do everything straight out of hospital) the house looks like a bomb went off and now he decided that work can wait while he “fixes” the problem i apparently caused -also have 3kids- im at my wits end of what to do


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Sit back and let him fix the problem. I suggest a cuppa tea and a book or Netflix.

 He waited months too help i begged and pleaded for him to help me when I couldn’t move or had popped that many pain killers to try and help with painso i could at least do washing or dishes and he didn’t lift a finger then
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 Hugs. Some men are just like that. He works so it's your "job" so why should he help. Just sit back and let him do it all. It will probably all be done wrong but that's ok. He can see what it's like to clean and have the kids trash the place later that day. Just relax and let him!
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 *some PEOPLE are just like that.
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 I'm pretty sure I spelt men correctly.
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 Its not just men though. People in general can be like this. You were blatently being sexist and further confirmed your sexism with your reply.
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 "Some men are like that" is perfectly true. It does not mean "no women are like that". Stop trying to make everything about sexism.
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 F**k off with your politically correct bullshit.
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 Of course PEOPLE can be like that but she's responding to ops post which is about a MAN
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Sounds like he’s doing what he needs to do and venting frustration - try not to take it personally, hopefully he’ll be more supportive after. It must be extremely hard running a household and looking after 3 kids while feeling ill xx