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Any ideas on how to find someone if all you know is their name? In Perth.

The house next door to one we own is abandoned, from our understanding it has been for several years and prior to us purchasing the property next door. The shire cant even contact the owner and previously wanted to go to our house to view the pool on the neighbouring property. We have the owners name from landgate. They dont own any other properties and have no contact number. Im thinking maybe an old person who has no family has died or been put in an old peoples home or mental health facility or possibly even dead - just guessing as to why a house would be abandoned for so long. But there are issues at this house affecting our property that we need to have dealt with. How the hell do we find the owner or the person responsible for the property? On top of that its a hazzard. There is thick grass, weeds and plants as high as the roof and over the whole property. The pool is a creepy green swamp etc. There is a car with no number plates on the verge. Anyone got any ideas?


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Move in and claim it as your own after 7 years. It's a real thing lol

 You'd have to pay for all the overdue rates. Assuming they arent paying the rates
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 Even after paying the rates, that'd still be a pretty cheap house!
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Are you sure there isn't a skeleton sitting in an armchair facing the TV wearing a dressing gown?

 Or a body in the stinky pool.
Rates prob wouldn’t be getting paid though. Unless direct debit perhaps.

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OP Both those thoughts have crossed my mind!
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If rates were not being paid council would have already sorted this out.
Possibly gone into ages care and home can not be sold until the owner passes.

OP Yes thinking something like this may be the case
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Complain to the council and get your neighbours to complain too. Make the complaints based on health and safety as they get actioner quick than just the place looks untidy. The council might not even know how to contact the owners but they can take action to tidy a property if it is unsafe

Talk to your local council, not mp. They will do a title search and locate them from there. Keep at them and make complaints. We live next to an abandoned house and complained, they had to tidy up or get finned. We just pay for new fences etc as we could take them to court but is easier to just pay for it ourselves.

Talk to the council not the PM. PM will have no idea about what the council can/can't do. Council won't give you any of the owner's personal details but if you make a complaint about the long grass or something they have to give notice to the owner to do something about it. Also, the rates must be getting paid or they would have done something about it being in arrears if it's been neglected for so long. I don't see how contacting nursing homes/hospitals etc will help as they won't give out details about their patients. Especially if you're contacting them to try and get money out of them.

I think your best bet is to make your complaint to council (and make sure you follow it up until it's sorted) but short of hiring a private detective - your chances of finding the owner and getting money out of them are pretty slim.

Just do the repairs yourself. Keep all of the receipts just in case you do find the owner and they are amicable.

We are having the same issue. The council will help you.

OP Our PM says they wont want to get involved (i also think our PM is incompetent, useless and unwilling to do anything that is slightly tricky). I also know the council havent been able to contact the owner in order to do a pool inspection. Im thinking if we go down the path of reporting the property as a fire and health hazzard the council will have to start doing sonething- they will probably have more access to things finding the owner than us and more pull in getting that information...... im going to ask our PM to do that I think. Ill also post on fb and was thinking of contacting some of the aged care facilitates in the area. Surely there are water and shire rates bills not being laid at the very least and that shoild eventually trigger some action?? Such a pain in the bum. If we cant find an owner we are going to have to pay for all the repairs etc ourselves and im really not happy aboyt that. Not to mention the place is an eyesaw!
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 The rates and water etc must be getting paid otherwise council would have already stepped in if it was in arrears. Council will have contact details - they won't give those details to you but they will gave them.

Make a complaint to council - make sure you find out their time frames as to when things will be done and keep ringing back and following up until it's done.

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 Also, considering the property has been unloved for so long - I very much doubt your chances of getting any monetary help for repairs.
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Is the surname unusual? Maybe you can search for relatives, people with that name and message them explaining the situation. Facebook might be a start

OP Thank you. I thought about doing this this morning - posting on some of the local fb pages in that area.....
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Councils are so slack now. This is their problem that they should be sorting out but they just wipe their hands of it. Like fences and overhanging trees just do your job already, unleash your power.