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Cat peed down the bathroom floor drain

I have lost count how many times I have cleaned the bathroom but can't get the smell out. I have poured bleach, hot water, vinegar what else can I try? Please tell me it will go away!!!!!


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At least it was over the drain

OP No because the smell. Is still there, would have preferred the floor
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Cats love smell of bleach
Smells like Tom cats piss

OP She's no longer allowed in there lol
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Put a kitty litter tray there?

OP It was the first night we got her home after she was taken for two months so she had to be retrained which she is now
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If it's down the drain wouldn't it just wash away when you flush the drain with liquid? Maybe try Draino?
I don't have any other ideas unless you want to do bicarb, followed by vinegar, followed by boiling water and close the drain for an hour or so?

OP I will give that a go tomorrow. Thank you
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