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Child Support

I have 1 child and they're about to start school, i have 100% care and my ex pays 350 a month in child support. We've agreed on a private school, does anyone know how much the child support will increase? Or what our costs each will be?


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If you can't afford it without his child support then don't do it. You dont want to pull your kid out in a few years as it gets more expensive because you cant afford it. There's not much difference between private primary and public primary, they are literally identical programs. j would opt for public primary, private high school as that is where the difference can be seen.

It won't increase because child support does not take private education into account. You need to get an agreement written up by a lawyer. I think it's common to do 50/50 of private school fees. But then if he has no care he could say no.

Please disregard all other answers this is correct info. If both parents agree on a private school education then u call child support and ask for an amendment of yr cs amount. There are several reasons that can apply here eg extra medical cost like braces and also education cost. can keep the same cs arrangement and work out the fee percentage u each pay privately. If u are amiable i wd start with that but if things ever go sour you can still do an amendment.. ...if yr ex changes their mind it doesn't matter they will be assessed on the amendment as long as u have some proof that they ever intended on private school education

OP Thankyou!
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 No disregard all answers and call child support yourself if you expect the correct information

my Twins names were down at a private school from one week old.
In court he was not ordered to pay any private school fees. They also took into account that they had not auctually started school yet. Might have been different if they were in say year 11 and almost finished schooling.
They also take into account that the other party needs to live themselves, possibly support other children. Not to forget they could loose their job or reduce hours to look after other dependents.

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Get a job

 Yeah do you work?
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OP Yes i do
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OP I didn't once say that i couldn't afford it. I was asking more what he was going to come across, maybe learn to read before judging.
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It can get tricky with extra money on-top of child support. Work out how much it will cost and ask for his half before you commit to it. I have two step sons and we never agree to pay for extra things in writing. Mum just lets us know what they need and we buy it or pay for it.

You would have to do a legal agreement (not necessarily requiring his agreement). If you both agreed on private school when together the court etc can enforce higher child support. However, that would be difficult to prove.

 This is why all money matters get discussed in person, nothing in writing.
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 Yes but they can’t get blood from a stone. If he can’t afford it stiff shit. There are plenty of reasons the father may not be able to pay it.
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OP I never said he didn't want to pay? I was asking what people's experiences with this sort of arrangement were
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 Put it this way things can change, never rely on it.
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I’ll be keeping finances seperate from my new partner for this reason. He can pay half of our household and what ever he sees fit for his kids.
I chose public primary for my kids so I can afford extras like holidays. If he wants to bring his kids on holiday, more the merrier although can can pay for half too. Depends on priorities and you need to remember his priorities might change in the future.

 It gets hard with two families. My husband's ex always wants money for different things. We tried giving her an extra $50 a week but she was still asking for more money for stuff. We ended up putting $50 a week aside and limited any extra things she wanted to that account. She tried to force us to keep giving her the extra money through CSA but fortunately we gave her cash so it didn't affect her Newstart payment so she couldn't prove it was an agreement.
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If Dad has no care he can credit any private school fees he pays towards his child support payments, if he is paying through the agency, they are called prescribed non agency payments.

Some schools give discounts for low income earners, even private schools

When you sign the school forms it will have a section with whose paying how much % and both parties have to sign. I pay 100% for 1 child, and 50% for the other.

An agreement doesn’t mean shit if he doesn’t pay. From what I have heard the school sends each parent their half of the bill you don’t see the money. If he doesn’t pay you get the option to pay his part or change schools.
Take into account uniforms often cost a lot more and you may now or at some point in the future be left with that bill.

A number of things could happen that could result in you loosing the $350 month let alone school fees.
My kids are public with an education account set up for high school.