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Getting your kid to sleep by themselves

I have a 4yo and 2 yo who both want either me or my dh to lay or be with them while they fall asleep but I’m due with bubba number 3 and I don’t know how I’m going to keep it up


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When my second was born I used to sit in with my oldest while he went to sleep. He was almost 2 at the time and I was sit in an arm chair in his room and feed the baby until he went to sleep.
The other option is to pop in and out until they go to sleep. Sometimes I do that with my kids now (6 and 4) when they want me to stay with them. I put them in bed and say I'm going to do the dishes then I'll come back and check on you. If I go back and they aren't asleep I say now I'm going to brush my teeth (or what ever) then I'll come back and check on you. Normally by then they are asleep.

I had a child like this. I would like with them for a while then say I'll be back in a sec, just keep going to sleep. I would leave the room then come back. Every night I did this. Week by week I would take longer to come back, to the point that they would fall asleep themselves. Now I kids her goodnight and tell her I well check on her later. It works but it takes a long time. Good luck with what ever you try.

 This worked for me too
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Do they share a room? What worked for my kid was buying him a night light with his name on it. It was kinda expensive, but it made him feel special. Or let them choose a unique night light, which there's a lot these days. There is also those diffusers (they only use cold water) because they have changing colour lights and you can put some lavender in there to make the room calming and inviting. There's this app called "relax melodies" (on Google Play, not sure of anywhere else) that has a lot of nature sounds and white noise samples. The soothing sounds of rain, fire crackles, beach waves or whatever with a night light with some lavender could help their anxiety with sleeping alone a bit less.
There's a person up there that said checking on them after doing tasks works really well too! That way they know you're coming back and they do fall asleep. 😊

One now thing that could help is buying a special bear or doll. I got my son a bear with a heart for Valentine's day one year and when I gave it to him I said this bear is special. I hugged it really right and kissed the heart. I said this bear has so much love in it for you. So if you need me and I'm busy doing dishes or chores when you're falling asleep you give her a big hug and kiss. I will feel it and send it right back. It's been 3 years and he won't sleep without it. He's a great sleeper now but the reassurance I'm there in some form was helpful.

Congrats on baby number 3 abd good luck with your others. They'll do great. 🙂😊

I don't have any advice but it wont be forever (even though it feels like it). When your kids are 20 they aren't going to want you to lay with them to fall asleep! Just like a 10 year old won't be sucking a dummy and will be toilet trained. At some point it will stop. My 2nd was a horror until she was 3. Maybe look at slowly changing routines and night tome habits to ease them out of needing you or hubby. Maybe a reward system? Good luck!

Next time put aspirin between your knees

 How does that help kids to go to sleep
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 It’s a very old joke..,.. how does an aspirin stop you from getting pregnant? Hold it between your knees. Not original.
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