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How long does a spring clean take you? Top to bottom of house...


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If I started and kept going until I finished? Or how long it ACTUALLY takes me from start to finish? Cause that shit takes months ๐Ÿ˜‚

 ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘†๐ŸปThis right here.
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Baha I can barely get my house even tidy. Sigh. I need serious help. It's not like it's unhygienic.. Mostly haha.. But seriously. Who has time for that shit. Argh.. I wish my life was less hectic. Unfortunately at the moment something had to give, and it is the house. What a shit year. Can't wait for it to be over and perhaps next year will be kinder to everyone around me.

I send hubby and the kids on their annual camping trip for 5 days. I get the house done in 4 and take day 5 for myself.

It takes me a whole week, but thats because I can only do a couple of hours per day. I have other commitments to adhere to each week. So i usually do a spring clean once every 6 months. I go room to room. This means windows cleaned/all skirting boards/doorways/doors themselves/blinds/mirrors/everything dusted and cleaned, glass cabinets cleaned too. All surfaces disinfected/wiped over. The whole house is cleaned top to bottom. However every week I clean bathrooms/toilets, mop and vaccume the floors. Every night the kitchen is wiped down and cleaned and ready for the next day. It is never left over night. Then each week, i see what needs to be done, might be a quick dust here and there, a few too many grubby marks on the sliding door, so that gets down etc. I do what i see needs to be done each week. But not a full on deep clean over the house.

 Want to come do mine?
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If I was commited and made a plan and stuck to it, I think two weeks.