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Over emotional and sensitive 8 year old

My son has always been sensitive. But recently it has gone next level. Small things are upsetting him now. For example, last night I asked him to pack away his toys and that resulted in tears and hysteria that went on for more tha. An hour. And all Because no one would help him put them away. And he didn’t have a lot to do, it would have taken him a few minutes to put away the few toys he had out. There is nothing out of the ordinary happening at school or at home, aside from these little episodes of tears over things that are really inconsequential he’s his usual placid, happy go lucky self. Is this pretty standard 8 year old boy stuff? Some kind of hormonal surge happening?


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Sounds like diet and sleep could be a factor ?

 Doubtful, but thanks anyway.
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I have a 7 and a half year old girl and it's much the same here. Last night she screamed and cried for a solid 45 minutes because I wouldn't let her outside in the rain in the middle of the night to get something (that I was trying to tell her was already inside). I have no idea what's happening. But I suspect it's a hormone thing. Like this is the age they give us a taste of what to expect when they become teenagers.
I'm trying to work out and practice what strategies I'll put into place then. But sometimes I just want to scream!

 Hahaha yes, maybe preparing us for the teenage years.
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Although you say nothing happening at school, are you sure? I only ask because I went through this with my son at the same age. Long story, but basically he was feeling inadequate. He was nearly two years younger ( mixed classes ) than all the boys in his class. He couldn’t do things as well as they could eg, run fast, kick a ball far, and so he felt stupid. He started feeling like he couldn’t do anything right and every little thing upset him. We got it sorted out and he returned to his usual happy self.

 Fairly sure. I am in regular contact with his teacher for unrelated issues and I always ask about those kinds of things and there is nothing unusual happening there. I also encourage him to talk to me, and he always does when something is in his mind. But, I won’t completely rule this out, and will keep an eye on that as I do know academically and also physically (as in sports, he is actually one of the tallest in his class so not physically in a personal sense) he doesn’t fair as well as his peers. Thanks.
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How recently? Could he be sick? My son at that age was picking up bugs but weren't really noticeable because his immune system had strengthened, but it was enough to make him tired and grumpy. If it's only been the last week or so check his temperature.

 It’s been going on for a few months, so probably not sick
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7/8 year olds are the fu****g worst. Moody, sensitive, emotional. Just generally horrible to be around. Once they hit 9 life is sweey again.

Could be a number of things. Most likely just growing up - having to deal with new emotions, feelings etc. can be difficult and frustrating. If you are concerned it could be useful seeing a doctor, there might be an underlying cause.