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hie SAHM i'm having a big problem in my marriage...think you can maybe somehow help because i'm at a breaking point now,,,i love my husband but i don't think he still feel that vibe for me...i'm a mother of beautiful girl &i'm also expecting i'm 4months down now please please help

really confussed &heartbroken


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Have you talked to him.
Maybe he is under a huge amount of stress. My husband appears very distant when hes super stressed and pushes away abit. However, i just ask "whats wrong" in the instant im feeling pushed away and its like a switch in his head. He was so caught up with the stress he didnt even realise he was pushing me away and will put his arms around me. Sometimes it takes a few times of this for him to tell me whats going on in his head. Its never me, it's always work or his mother and we will talk about it and that helps.

I strongly suggest talking to him about how you feel. Not in an accusing him of not loving you but in a "im really worried about you, i can sense something is wrong but im not sure what. Can we please talk about it"

Answered by SAHM Staff

It sounds like you need a nice babymoon holiday just you and your husband, so you can talk together, perhaps reconnect or just talk things through and see how he's feeling....

What makes you think he doesn't feel the same for you anymore?