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Child support: school

I have full custody of my child as the father has never wanted to be involved. After court he was made to pay child support (he took me to court to try and prove he wasn't the father) and now our child has started school and CS rang and said he doesn't have to cover any fees even though he signed the forms...we have 0 communication so they took that as not agreeing on the school ( he signed the forms!). Has anyone been through anything similar?


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I literally just wanted to see if anyone had been in a similar situation. We went to court because his mum needed to know for Sure ( mamas boy), his parents are very involved in our child's life and she is being raised in our religion. Why do people feel the need to attack? Yes I believe he should pay for our child. I work and apart from necessities the money goes to a savings acct for my child.

 You may not have any luck with CSA unless he agrees. You could take it further to court if you wish. If he has signed the school forms I think the school will hold him half liable for fees anyway, but you would probably need to stop paying for that to happen which might get your kid kicked out.
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