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What was your wedding first night like? Sexy or busy?


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Was the first time for both of us and very nervous/excited/scared. But turned out wonderful & special. We weren't too tired after a very relaxed afternoon wedding with drinks and nibbles and no sit down meal.

 This sounds very much what I would like to do should I ever cross that bridge again.
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Busy and sexy. By the time we got back to the hotel it was after midnight and it took another hour to get my dress unbuttoned and 1000 hair pins out. But he woke and we had sex.. and again in the middle of night and maybe even a third time. We hadn’t seen each other in a week so it was goooood! We were on cloud 9 😍

Exhausting. By the time we got away from our family and friends we were too darn tired to even consider sex. We hadn't been saving it for marriage anyway. I think we both fell asleep on the loungeroom floor in front of the tv.

Relaxing! We got Thai food and talked about the day and read through our cards and cuddled. We planned not to have sex that night so to take the pressure off but ended up doing that anyway and it was really great!

 We had an afternoon tea wedding so it wasn't too tiring or late when it finished!
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So tired, we attempted sex but were both too tired to finish 😂😂 we fell asleep and then had proper sex in the morning 😂

I was exhausted android pregnant. Neither of us wanted anything but sleep.

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We had sex, but tired/pregnant/just ate too much find of sex. So it wasn’t great. I didn’t orgasm which my husband still apologises for, but at least we did it!