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Passive aggressive “jokes”

I honestly hate that shit. Passive aggressive behaviour is my biggest pet peeve! And my mum is the WORST offender!
She will tell me how I need a break and to organise a night off, relax, party, whatever. Then when it happens (literally twice this year) acts like I’m the laziest parent ever?!
What is the plan?
I had a relative look after the kids last night while hubby and I went out, she came over for a few hours to “help” and play with the kids. I speak to her today and she is throwing comments around like “hope you had a great time doing nothing, I’m really tired from doing everything for them yesterday” ....uh what’s that now? Oh you mean how you came over and played with your grandchildren for a few hours while the actual sitter did all the “care” side?!
Yeah, no question. Just a vent!


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Don’t let her get you down. You deserve a break too. She didn’t need to be there if you already had a sitter, she chose to be there.

Oh I have family like this too! Probably why I am the opposite - there’s definitely no ‘passive’ in my aggression 😂

OP ^^ yes ! Haha same!
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Shes got a personality problem. Its deliberate guilt trips. Many grandparents actually look after their grandchildren to deliberately give the parents a break periodically.

 I wish our parents were enthusiastic about babysitting 😕 We haven’t had a real ‘date night’ since we had kids because we can’t enjoy ourselves knowing that I’ll have to deal with all the guilt tripping and whining when we get back.
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