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Ghosted and gutted! - carry on from 3some post.

A couple months back me and hubby decided to delve into 3somes (and beyond). Anyway, we found a guy who was 👌🏻 Right up my ally, hubby liked him (as much as a straight man can like another man). We chatted, flirted, organised one night which we had to cancel because of babysitter bailing 👎🏻. We rescheduled for this weekend. Everyone seemed happy etc. then 2 days before he completely ghosts us. Just either deleted his profiles or blocked (guessing blocked) is off both chat sites we were on. This is after over a month of constant flirting. What’s the deal?
I stalked his fb and it all checked out, legit profile pics, name, location, job etc, everything was bang on the same so I know it wasn’t a catfish situation.
I know no one can actually answer I’m just well gutted because I was all about that business! Booooo.


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Sounds like he just got cold feet. If he didn’t even have the courtesy to tell you, he isn’t the man you want to being to your bed.

It sounds like he changed his mind and was probably a little embarrassed about not being able to get into it with you. There could also be a tonne of other reasons. Maybe he lost his friend or a close family member. Maybe he got a STI and didn’t want to say that. Don’t take it personally. Get back out there and find someone with experience.

Or maybe he has since found a serious /potential girlfriend. How do you explain THAt to a new love?? Argh awkward

OP I think that’s what happened hahah. He was talking about how he had a f**k buddy then dropped off the face of the earth! 😭
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A Facebook stalk doesn’t always tell you everything. Hopefully it wasn’t your husband behind a fake profile, maybe he’s not really that into it?
The other guy may auctually prefer a FFM If he’s told his f**k buddy about it, he maybe more keen to be the star of the show.

Or he’s married and he’s wife found out.
Who knows.
Don’t go sulking around the house, complete turn off for your hubby having you sulking about not getting another dick in your bed.
Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket next time, chat to a few. Ask a bit about them, tell them your rules and than keep it to dirty talk. Don’t discuss babysitting, daily shit anything small talk...usually they don’t want to know.

Maybe go to a professional, many brothels have blokes. Or try a chick if that what floats your boat. No let downs, you know your boundaries will be respected.

OP Oh god, way off. Way off. Way off.
Definitely NOT hubby on a fake account, his account was legit. There’s no two ways about it.
He was on a 3way website... stating her prefers mmf. Did you not actually read my post 😂🤦🏻‍♀️. We talked nearly everyday for over a month (give or take a few days) a WIDE range of topics but a lot of flirting throughout. Boundaries were discussed at length, a lot of dirty talk. Etc
I ain’t sulking ha!
Thanks for all your Stellar tips tho! 👌🏻

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 It’s good having here to vent 😍
I always blurt want I think, probably sounded like a c**t with the sulking bit, the straight forward blurting is me in real life too 🤪 gets me into trouble often 😂😂😂

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 Jealous guy posting this imho
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Wrong... poster confirm please.

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