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Have you still got your Christmas tree up?

Have you taken yours down already?
Or when do you usually take it down?


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Mine is still up. Husband is deployed so we will do christmas when he comes home for his leave.

 What a wonderful tradition :)
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Boxing day it comes down, every year, without fail. I'm over it by then and the week between christmas and new years is like my own little get ready for the new year week, everything is cleaned and ready to start over. It's honestly my favorite time of year 😂

 I'm the exact same, once Christmas day is done Christmas is over so what's the point in leaving it up lol
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 Actually I'm a chrismas nut fanatic until about 8pm on christmas day 😂
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 I love Christmas buy am usually over it by 8am.
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I took it down at 10am on Christmas day before we left for my in laws. It was nice to come home to clean and clutter free.

 To each their own. What a wonderful idea
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I took the decos off on xmas night, tree down on boxing day

Mine went down on the 27th. Needed the space back and was sick of the toddler taking all the ornaments off it.

Mine comes down on January 2. I’m from the American South, it’s considered bad luck to take it down before New Year’s Day. Been in Australia for 6 years but old habits die hard.

Wow i feel so behind. Mine is still up coz the kids love it so much and keep asking to leave it just a few more days. Was wondering if i was the only one

 It's your Christmas, in your house with your kids. Keep it up until you've had enough. I'd leave mine up all year if I could. It'd save me a few hours this December. Hehe
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 Mike's still up too :p the kids like it but it's mainly coz I'm a serious procrastinator lol
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Up on 1st December and down on boxing day if we are going away on for new years. If we are not going away it comes down on the 30th Dec.

Oh hell no, as soon as dd went to grnadmas for a week it came down

Our outdoor lights and Xmas tree all go up on 1st December (or the first weekend in DEC) Tree comes down on new years eve and outdoor lights down the first weekend into the new year.

Mines still up. Last year my kid said I was ruining Christmas (she was 4 lol) so I'm leaving it up longer plus I just had a baby and a massive operation so it can stay up untill I can actually move lol

I took mine down a week after Christmas day. It was up mid November.