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Anyone work in aged care?

Love it or hate it?


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Yes, love it, but depends on the kind of person you are I suppose. Its stressful that's for sure

I work in ages care, I absolutely love it 🥰

I’m also studying to be a Nurse.

I did before children and loved it. I do really well with special care (dementia patients) as I can think quickly on my feet and go with the flow of what is happening on the day. If you're not good with bodily fluids or endless questions or family members that think they know more than you, don't do it

I did before becoming a sahm (I did aged and disability care). I worked for a private company and we would visit people in their own homes. Work could involve personal care, shower assist, cleaning, social activity, shopping assistance, transport to appointments etc. Was nice having a variety and knowing it was appreciated by the clients. However driving around could be a pain, plus we were only paid for shifts, not time of travel between clients. Visited a nursing home a few times and I'm not sure I would have liked it as much. Possibly not as much variety and more time pressure. And possibly more high care/challenging behaviour clients. But I think you'd still get the same sense of helping people if that's what appeals to you. I'm not sure I'll go back to it when I return to work, or at least not straight away. I want a job less people orientated for a while.

 Thanks, some good points to consider there.
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 A majority of companies do pay you between clients
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 My sister does this and she does get paid between clients.
She does love it but there was one lady who she got particularly attached to who (had the same demeanour as our late Nan) who passed away. This one really shook her - she has clients pass away very often so she's pretty used to it and just gets on with it now. so just be careful not to make the same mistake!

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