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What are violin hips? Aka hip dips and why how can i embrace them?

I constantly get told by guys im unattractive because i have noticeable hip dips. They say there gross and im not beautiful because of them.


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You're dating the wrong guys then. Anyone who complains about your body like that has no business seeing it. Personally, I don't care about my own hip dips. I don't plan on wearing those god awful low rider jeans, and if anyone who sees my naked hips has an issue with it, they can f**k off out of my bed/car/changing room of H&M.
Rock those hips babe, there are so many celebrities with them. And so many good guys out there who don't gaf about them or think they're hot.

I had no idea this was a thing! Kick them to the kerb, you deserve better than some dude commenting on your hips!

 I agree, I had no idea what they even were and had to google it! What the heck, how is this even an issue??? It actually makes me feel sorry for our young girls. They have enough things that they are made to feel insecure about let alone some insignificant bump in hips!! What will be next, our knees are the wrong shape??
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Marilyn Monroe had them, along with many other modern celebrities. Many men think they're hot, so try different men until you find one that finds them hot, and loves you for you. Dump the ones who complain, immediately. They are not worthy of your time.
If you are concerned about them yourself, there are exercises on line to modify your hip shape.