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Infatuation/crush but married

I have Been with my dh for 13 years we have 3 beautiful kids 5.5,4 and nearly 3 about 4 months ago I returned to work at a food wholesaler
A few weeks ago a new regional manager started (I’m lucky to see him once a week but I feel giddy around him
I find myself fantasising about him a lot and all I want to do is kiss him
I feel like a horny teenager around him I have not felt like this in ages
I would never cheat on my dh but the feelings I am having are getting worse and I don’t know what to do


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Fantasy is better then reality. Can you imagine him with your kids helping getting them ready, taking them to school. The answer is no because he wouldn’t.

 ^ this
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 Awesome answer
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It's not unusual to become infatuated with your boss, power is sexy!

Even without all the links to our animal ancestry, there’s no denying that the main reason for work place infatuation is that people are attracted to power.

Because of persistent gender imbalances which mean that more men are in positions of power at work, this tends to manifest itself as women being attracted to powerful men.

Even men are equally attracted to other powerful men; otherwise there would be no such thing as gang culture. 🤷‍♀️

If you spend some time getting to know this man, it's very likely you'll start to see flaws, they will build and your infatuation will subside.

It's normal to be attracted to other ppl and get crushes It's part of being human. I think in yr case it's also that ur suddenly back in the adult world and yr being u not thinking talking and doing for yr kids all day. It's like a little escape for ur mind.

Just flick one out while fantasising about him. Soon enough you will lose the crush. Ain’t no harm in a fantasy, only harm is done if it is acted upon.

I think I know who you are 😂

 Then keep it to yourself
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 OP probably shouldn’t have included so many specifics in her post
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 I know a regional manager who fits this description. He would be very embarrassed to find this out and would make work very difficult. To the OP wake up to yourself.
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 You know a regional manager at a food wholesalers
Me too
It’s almost like there could be two people who fit the same description

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 Is his name Paul?
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 Or Garrett
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 Don't say anything and u really shd have enforced that in yr comment or notsaid anything at all
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 Agree way too many specifics in this post.
Hope that 9honey doesn’t get hold of it and have it on channel 9s afternoon news discussion with 9honey as they do now.

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You have said you will never cheat on your dh so you will be fine. It looks like you are seeing it for what it is - a crush/infatuation. If you were saying you were in love with him and wanted to leave your marriage over him, then you would be on much more dangerous ground. Leave it where it is and it will pass. I have been there myself with a man I know. He is a lovely guy and I did not beat myself up over it, I just acknowledged that these feelings are not right and not based in any reality, my husband and children were my reality and now I do not have those thoughts or feelings toward this man ever.

Omg could have written this myself. But mine is on my Osteo. I fantasize about him kissing me and having sex in his office all the time. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it.

You do nothing. You can’t help your attraction, but like most crushes, the feeling will likely dwindle. Especially, as stated above you get to know him better and probably see him as less god-like. Unless your are contemplating cheating on your husband, don’t worry about it.

Just be careful my crush turned into an affair.

 But you let that happen
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 Agreed. It wasn’t as simple as fantasy leading to reality. But This is a warning that fantasying can be harmful.

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