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Booster Vs Car Seat

I have boy/girl twins which are 3 1/2 years old.

My boy is very tall and is starting to outgrow his carseat. My question he to young to go into a booster seat or does it go on height?


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You can booster style car seat with the 5 point tall 6yo is in an infrsecure booster and still has heaps of room before he uses the seat belt

Buy a booster with the 5 point harness
Safest way to go 😊

I thought they legally had to stay in the car seat until 4 & then they can go to a booster if they reach the height criteria after their 4th bday - at least that's what we were told at our local baby bunting when we went to buy a booster- thats nsw anyway. Google it.

 Most things I've read, it's worded that they have to stay in whichever seat until certain age unless they reach the height/ weight limit.
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It should be by height, but you'll need to test them to make sure he reaches the markers, they might be different for each brand. If you have a kidsafe store nearby it would be worth a visit for advice.

Your seat should have markers so you know when to move to a booster.