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Anyone have funny family days?

Anyone else have a leap year bday?
My twins are February 29
I'm march 1 on a non leap year :)

Actually there's crazy birthdays all through my family
My dad and brother are both Christmas day my sister is New Year's Day and my mum New Year's Eve.

My husband and sister in law are both March 5

And Iv got two cousins from two different families born on feb 14 :)

My poor little firstborn is boring ol September 13. Lol


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My oldest was born on the 10th, my next kid the 11th and my last on the 12th. Different months tho.

My three kids are a week apart, I’m very fertile in the winter

Not really funny, but lots of my siblings, cousins and in laws are all clustered together in the same months. Our busiest birthday months to remember are February, June, and August.
February has 5, June has I think about 8, and August has 4. There are other birthdays clustered together but not to that extent, just a week apart or 1 or 2 in the same month. Eh, what can you do. Big families. I think the only month we don't have any birthday celebrations is December, and of course that's when Christmas is so we all get together anyway. It's gotten easier as we get older and people move away (we recently moved to the other side of the country) and the birthdays become phone calls or Facebook posts. But f**k me. For a few years there it was basically twice a month big combined parties at someones house. And constant "bring a plate/grab a bottle of wine/gift cards for the kids/who's making the cake".

Both my nieces are born on the same days as my MIL and my BIL.
My partner and my brother are born 5 days apart.

What date do your twins celebrate their birthdays in a non leap year?

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What are the significance of 5 March and 13 September?

 Just that my brother and I both married someone who was born on the same day.
Almost no one in our family gets their own day.

And nothing about September that's why I said boring lol

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