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Teenage jobs

My daughter has just turned 15 and is keen to get a job.
This somewhat terrifies me! She has had a few issues with anxiety and I worry how she will go with people being rude and being pushed around.
I know it’s important for her to learn independence and resilience but I am feeling sick about it.
Any other mummies advice? How did your children go with their first job?


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Working will teach her that stuff

 I agree with this. My daughter got a job at kfc in a not so pleasant area. The staff sometimes copped abuse so I was a bit worried but my daughter learnt how to deal with customers like these in a professional manner. She gained a lot of confidence and was never afraid. She knew not to take things personally and learnt some people are just jerks.
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Four kids,all in their 20's and 30's now. They all had jobs on or before their 15th birthdays. All finished school and went on to higher education. Working never hurt them, don't forget it's also a huge commitment required from you for late night work pick-ups, especially if they work in fast food. Instils a great work ethic and teaches them huge life lessons about being resilient, taking criticism, interacting with difficult people. Sets them up for the future, my kids have never been out of work and have all long moved on from fast food jobs.

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I get them to do a bit of volunteer work first. It gives them an idea of what working with the public can be like.