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Are there really people out there who dont get stressed??

Are there really people who think ' what will be will be'? 'cant change/control it so no point stressing'? Etc. I stress about a lot of stuff. Ive learnt that my first reaction is usually a bit over the the top and stomach sickening, but after some time I can calm down a bit, see sense, realise its not that bad or just accept how bad it is and be super pissed off/wound up about it. I dont cope well when my partner is stressed - it makes me stressed and i get resentful or i cant cope with the idea of him being stressed so i just ignore it and stay caught up in my own world.


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I found it to be a state of mind, as cliche as it sounds. I have sayings that help me as such the Serenity Prayer (God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.) and can't see the forest for the trees i.e that we are too busy stressing over the small problems that we don't see the bigger picture. I just get to a point where I have to say; well I can't change it so why stress about it.
When I was younger I found counselling helped me alot with stressing over things and helped me to change my mind set.

Yep. This is me. Dont get me wrong...i used to stress. And i went through a major tragedy...which has probably led me to where i am now...that is with that attitude... what will be, will be. So nope i don't stress. I do work hard ay making sure my life is successful and try to keep everything in check. After all that...i do not worry. I do not stress. What will be, will be. I sleep reslly well at night. I am happy. I am carefree. I love life. I dont stress.

 Oh my god. I’m sorry you went through a major tragedy to get there. But what a good place you’re at now!? I wish I was carefree. I wish I knew how to set my burdens and crappy attitude free? Any advice on where to start? (Not joking either)
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 Hi there, I am not sure about what advice I can it took a life changing tragedy to make me this way, it was like something flipped in my brain and all of a sudden nothing in life could amount to what i had just been instantly i worked on myself being able to be happy and live carefree. Now i travel the world with my kids and we are grateful for each day. I dont ever want you to go through what i went through to be here, so its difficult to say what you should do. But i guess what i can tell you is to seek a great therapist. I do and am still seeing one. So yes it does help there, as mine help me deal with the tragedy and also my life in general! Good luck!
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I get stressed but I feel I get a lot less stressed than most people, my husband seems infurated some times that things don't bother me as much as they should.
I attribute it to my crazy intense and chaotic childhood, it was quite traumatic so I sort of had to be calm or die of anxiety.
I have thia constant knowing that things could always be worse, no matter what.

I think its a lot to do with how much backup you have. If you are wealthy and know you will never be out on the streets its a lot easier. Im about 80% less stressed now Ive paid off most of my mortgage.

My husband never stresses. Like ever!!! He is the most cool calm and collected dude I know. Me on the other hand, well that's a different story haha

 Same here!
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 Lucky you guys!
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I'm very laid back, but when I snap I snap.
But it only happens every couple years.

Sometimes I think that I need to stress a bit, as I tend to be to laid-back about everything.

Generally speaking, no, I don't stress much. I had a really crap time growing up and my life has turned out amazing (well, normal lol) so I am grateful to my core for the life I have now. Nothing that ever happens is as bad as what things were like then and having been through what I've been through and come out the other side I know that nothing that happens matters, it's just a moment in time.
We also had some medical issues with 2 of our 3 kids. It puts things into perspective when your kids have medical problems. That just cemented my way gratitude for everything we have.
If I do ever find myself getting stressed I just ask myself am I going to remember/care about this in a years time? 5 years time? If the answer is no then let it go.

I have bi-polar which is a recipe for not coping well with stress. I stay organised and positive. Be grateful for our blessings hopefully supportive family members and our children as well bring a lot of job and fun in our life.