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I hate my do others get their shit together and make it a home?

Everything in my house is old and mismatched. We are on a tight budget so DIY/furntiture updates are few and far between. The previous owner did so many dodgy 'touch ups' and its clear they built this house as cheaply as possible. even the crappy flooring is chipboard underneath!?

Where does everyone get nice affordable decor/furnishings from?

I have a 4 and 7yo who id love to have nice rooms for as well.

It's depressing trying to clean/declutter and the house itself looks so dated and ugly :(

Where is the best to start? one room at a time? update a new piece of furniture at a time????


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We had the same problem. Old rental house. Our style is very modern kind of minimalist. My aim with the makeover was to do it on the cheap without it looking like it was done on the cheap.
I styled the kids rooms, lounge room and our room with a combo of:
- Adairs (clearance items, 50% off sale and afterpay)
- Freedom (clearance and sale items)
- Catch of the day (really on trend modern cot, normally $600, for $170)
- Kmart
- fantastic furniture (bought my daughter the cheapest ensemble from here - which was probably our most expensive purchase - then found an antique bed head on gumtree which I painted white - it turned out great! looks like a really expensive bed lol)
Target - rug for my sons room from here. Aside from Kmart, this was the cheapest place for rugs, IMO.
- Gumtree - all the furniture we got from gumtree was painted white so it all matched and looked like it was supposed to go together.
Etsy - I purchased digital art downloads from etsy and had them printed on to big posters by Vistaprint. I got the biggest frames Kmart have for $15. Very effective art for pretty minimal cost.

It cost me $400 per room all up for a total makeover including new bedding, furniture and decor. You could definitely do it for less than that though if you didn't go to the extent I did.

My tips would be -
- A simple repaint in white will instantly transform and lighten a room. A really dodgy job can look pretty bad though, so take your time with cutting in. If you paint the walls, woodwork and ceiling the same colour then you won't notice the cutting in. "White on white" is a good colour for doing this (my hubby is a painter and this is what he thinks has come up best when people have done this)
- Do one room at a time
- come up with a theme/style/colour palette before you start and have a clear vision.
- Wait for the sales! I collected things for the room over time and picked things up when the sales came on. I left everything in its packaging and stacked away until I had everything I wanted and then I spent a whole day unpacking and styling the room, so the entire room was all brand new. It was so rewarding.
- Find items you want and do a search for them in google. That's how I managed to get my sons cot for 1/3 of the rrp.
- If you want to repaint furniture, and can afford it, look at getting a cheap spray gun from Bunnings. It will give you a much cleaner, more professional finish and look less DIY.

 Oh, as well for kids stuff. This is where people buy stuff to resell on eBay and stuff. I got a bed curtain and a few teddies/dolls (there are a lot of pottery barn rip offs and the like) and wooden toys from here.
Also, side note, I got some kids clothes from here which actually turned out to be pretty good quality.

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 Also, lol, if you go on to the Afterpay website they list all their retailers on there.
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We used to have the same problem. I looked into French country style and really liked it (lots of cheery blues and greens and creams and whites) and worked on that. We painted our God awful walls with cheap blue paint from Bunnings, painted the trims a bright white, and sanded back the dining set, tv unit and our kitchen cupboards and repainted them all in creams and whites (the cupboards all had blue accents to match the walls). I got rid of our ugly dark blue lounge once I found a pastel yellow based floral set on ebay ($30 for a 3 seater and 2 recliners). Unfortunately, we were stuck with our flooring, but the rest looked great! Don't be afraid of decorative pieces like throw pillows or a picture for the wall, if it's going to tie in with the room. Do you know how to upholster furniture? Have a look at loads of different styles. What kind of colours do you like in your home?

Try buy swap sell and free sites on fb. Shabby chic is old mismatched stuff. Look on Pinterest

The kids would probably love to choose items for their rooms, and the colour theme, and enjoy building it up over time. Spotlight has great net curtains that can give a lovely pink glow to a girls room. Sunday markets and second hand shops are worth exploring for cheap but nice looking furniture items.
I have always gone for getting pieces of furniture that fit my chosen style, when I see them on sale.
But my style is eclectic, mostly op shop and antiques.
Sometimes old furniture is cheaper, and better made, than the latest modern stuff. like solid wood, with dovetail drawers, rather than chipboard.
Facebook has a "give away and sale" section, for your local area.
If you want modern, you really are better to do a whole room at a time. Then you can get matching furniture to give you "the look".

Work with what yoy have. Old crappy furniture = boho style bright colours and plants! Distract from the furniture with layers and make the clutter work for you. No clean lines or new things because then it just looks obvious.

 Some good boho bright throws for beds and sofas are just coming in to places like pillow talk and other similar shops now.
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I go IKEA, second hand. I have it modern and practical so everything especially toys have their own place. Start with toys into containers on IKEA block shelves, add a rug. Gumtree is the best, I feel stupid buying things new considering the deals out there if you have patience.

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Thanks everyone. The shabby chic style really isnt us but the boho look could possibly work but not sure we would stay with this style.

I will scope out Kmart esp for the kids rooms.

Where else is nice/affordable or has afterpay?

 Heaps of places have afgerpay; you’d be surprised!!
Kmart is a great starting point tho!!!

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If you are creative and crafty you can paint old furniture, either matched or deliberately mismatched. There are lots of pictures on pinterest that might inspire you. There is a style called French Nordic, which works on shades of old whites and greys, and actually celebrates "old and falling apart". There is a magazine called Jean D'Arc, which is produced in Denmark, that gives ideas on that style, and lots of its illustrations are on pinterest.
You can pick up suitable furniture at tip shops very cheaply.
If you like boho style, which is bright and cheery, look that up on pinterest, and also "gypsy caravans", which brings up lots in boho style.

 Gypsy caravan interiors is a better search.
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Start with paint. Freshen up the walls. It’s a cheap way to change the entire feel of a house. Make sure you sand the walls if they aren’t smooth.

Check out the WISH app for decor pieces, such as cushion covers, fake plants etc. You may find something that suits your taste. For my boys rooms, sometimes ive managed to find a cheap frame and popped a poster of their favorite superhero, sometimes printed off printer or from those Kzone mags. Op shops usually have a lot of lifestyle mags that you could draw inspiration from (Just make sure its not from 1988 lol) Even the library has some you can look through there too. Good luck and i hope you enjoy the change.

Kmart stuff is pretty cheap. You could get the kids to pick some stuff and put it on lay by

 Totally agree, kids decor.. even small furniture for their rooms and small decor for the house at Kmart is great- some great stools/chairs, side tables in faux marble.. some lovely items worth checking out!! Might not be to your taste but in terms of modern new stuff it’s so affordable.
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