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Why are some women dumb ?

As if Kate didn’t have a hair and makeup stylist waiting for her
Bet Kate was on some good pain killers and put on comfy clothes when she arrived home and went to bed


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You need to remember she doesn't live in the real world. There is no such thing as royalty, they are all just people with lots of cash who have to do what granny says or get jobs. Don't be jealous of that poor woman,can you imagine what her life is like?

 I agree but I find it terrible that it is portrayed as real and people would compare themselves, with no intention of being jealous but would ultimately feel like a failure. It's a horrible contradiction of society- preaching don't compare but wait, here is a perfect example we are manufacturing for you so we can't help but compare
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 ^ are people really so stupid that they can’t see that for most people her reality is not real, no matter how much she tries to be ‘normal’. Clearly she is anything but. Isn’t it obvious?
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Why does that make her dumb? Having her hair and make up done before venturing out Infront of a crowd 7hours after having a baby seems smart to me.

 Not just a crowd but the whole world who scrutinises every thing she wears. Even when she gets a new hair style she makes the news. So of course she is going to look her best when she steps out for the first time with her new baby when the whole world is waiting. It isn’t like when you and I first leave hospy with our newborns, no paps (except perhaps excited grandparents 😂) waiting outside in the car park 😂
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 I think what OP meant is why are some women dumb enough not to realise that Kate had a stylist to make her look that good and that she is really just like the rest of us after having a Bub. It’s just that she had to get all done up to face the media. I think that’s what OP was getting at?
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 Yeah I agree I don't think she means Kate is dumb, just how 'in awe/ga ga' everyone is about how amazing she looks etc...which is bloody true, but just reinforcing that of course she had extreme help to get to that state. She is a natural stunner, but yeah just reinforcing that even Kate would need a team to pull up so fabulously so soon after birth. Also meaning dumb in the sense that some women truly get themselves down about how they look and compare themselves to people like Kate - forgetting that Kate has a lot of help and the best at her hands etc.
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If she had a problem with it, she shouldn't have married into a family of socialites.

 Did she have a problem with it? I think she’s well used to being a royal now.
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Of course she had a stylist to make her look that good just a few hours after birth. I think everyone knows that. As for painkillers, well I didn’t have any after either of my natural births. Not everyone is in huge amounts of pain afterwards especially if there is no need for stitches. Kate did look super tired though, no amount of styling could hide that,

Great for her. I think it is cruel to parade her straight after birth. As a privileged person this sounds very archaic and no modern woman in the real world would feel the need to go out of her way for others.

I looked pretty fabulous leaving hospital.
I left 2 hours after birth. I had a shower while my husband and mum held bubs and left with a tiny bloat.
It was gone 19 hours later.

Some women just bounce back from birth. Some women have easier labours.

With hair and makeup I would have looked red carpet ready haha. Ok maybe not that far but I don't get the whole hit by a bus thing cos it was never my experience. I was glowing on cloud nine full of energy and bright eyes bushy tailed

 10 not 19 hahaha
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 Good on you.. jealous
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Kate is 36 and she looks old for her age
She looks 42