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Why do some people feel the need to brag how much things cost them or say this experience for my child cost me half my mortgage payment


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Because they feel the need to compete with others who have bragged about their fabulous life? Maybe they're not bragging at all but complaining because they feel they've been overcharged? I complain when I feel like I've paid more than something is worth. Like when you end up paying $8.50 for a coffee (I'm looking at you Sydney!) and it's burnt and bitter.

 Lol, I lauhed so hard! Because I agree about the whole "i am looking at you sydney". I wish you were my real friend!
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We all compare ourselves to others, that's just human nature. We all see what everyone else does and feel we have to one up them, some are obsessed with it. Social media really has made the world a worse place.

My sister does this to me. It’s to show off how much money she has. I don’t care tho. She married into a horrible family for that money. She married an abusive person for that money. She’s got lots more money than me but I am way more happier.