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Song stuck in head since general anesthesia

Ok this is going to sound weird. 2 weeks ago I had 3 surgeries in a row to deliver my baby safely. I was under a general for a total of 6 hrs. They did all 3 back to back and I was transported from 3 theaters under the whole time. Now since waking up I have had the song dumb things by Paul Kelly in my headevery day all day and listening to other songs doesn't help . I didn't hear it before hand as I don't listen to radio tv or anything. So I didn't hear it accidently. One of the surgeons was playing classical music in the 1st thwarted while they prepped me (before I was put to sleep) so I'm wondering if they changed the music could it be stuck in my head from when j was under? Is that possible? The main surgeon was a cricket lover so it wouldn't surprise me if he likes classic Aussie rock lol. Anyone have a weird experience while being under


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Sometimes I get random old songs I’ve not heard in years stuck in my head for no reason. So annoying, and so hard to change the tune. Unless you were one of those unlucky people who remained conscious after receiving a general anaesthetic I don’t believe it possible you heard that song while you were being operated on.

OP That's what I thought because even if I did wake up they give u stuff to forget it. But they also said I wouldn't dream and I did and Renner the dream. T they said I wouldn't remember waking up but I do. I thought maybe it was like when you hear a song when ur asleep you hear it in your dreams lol. They did say I might have night mares as a side effect
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 You do not dream when you have anaesthetic. It is not sleep. It is possible to remember waking up though.
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OP Well I deffinatly dreamt and told them about it as soon as I woke up. Just been reading on Google and it seems like there have been many studies and 25% off people dream while under. Was a boring dream I was grocery shopping. I'm thinking perhaps I dreamt while they were delivering baby as they only put u under twilight sedation for that and then fully for the rest

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 There have been studies and they all show it isn’t possible. Unless you are dreaming as the anaesthetic is wearing off. That is possible. But you dream during REM sleep. Which is a light sleep you don’t get fully under a general.
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OP So I could have been dreaming during the birth as it's only twilight sedation and not fully under/not breathing on my own etc ?
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I had superman theme song stuck in my head for 2 years lol not following anaesthetic but due to stress i believe as when i am very stressed it still pops into my head! Very weird I know lol. I think maybe its almost a dissociation in my brain from the stress around me? Wonder if this is yr brains answer to a stressful birth xx

Not happened to me but what a cool story you have :)

OP Lol just wish I could get the song out of my head
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