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I've been lucky until...

So I'm 30 years old, I've been very lucky to not have copped gastro for 30 long years. That was until the weekend. Hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was vomiting all Friday night and Saturday up until about 4pm. Then I had the runs till Sunday Arvo. It's now Wednesday night and I still feel shit, nauseas, dizzy, gassy etc is this normal for gastro? I always thought after the symptoms stopped you were fine.


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You are dehydrated, get some hydrolite and you will feel better.

OP Thank you!! I'll buy some tomorrow xx
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Also get a probiotic to get the good bacterial in, take it for at least a month and start off with two capsules a day. I work in pharmacy and by the sounds of it you had a whopper of the gastro

OP I don't really know but I was vomiting ever 15 minutes for nearly 24 hours, was horrible!!! Thank you I'll look at a probiotic aswell :)
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 Excellent advice.
Your insides will be totally stripped of good bacteria.
Keep drinking water and rest up.

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As above get some hydrolite.
Also try to avoid meat and dairy for a couple of days if you haven’t already, give your gut a couple of days to recover.

OP Thank you!!
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Wow! I had the same thing except mine started Saturday not Friday - same age too!