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Fridge snacks

What do you have for kids or yourself to just grab and go? Looking for some more inspiration other than fruit and yoghurt.


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I usually do a lot of baking then cut it all into small portions and put them in the freezer for the kids when they want something. It is not always the healthiest though. I like the look of blissballs , they could be a better snack and easy to make and take places. You could try dried fruit like bananas and apples. I like making homemade jellies with fruit juice and scones or savoury scrolls for an easy snack.
My kids love tinned tuna with or without crackers.

OP Thank you 😄
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 Wish I had lots of time on my hands
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 Are you jealous cos you can't boil hot water to pour over jelly crystals? Is that too time consuming?
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Cheese snacks. A healthier option than the pre-packaged is slices off a bigger block, pre-wrapped in gladwrap, so they can help themselves, that will go with crackers.
Cheerios with tomato sauce is a favourite, but they might not like them cold.
I used to make curried eggs, and keep them in the fridge. The kids adored them.
Dates, which are high energy dried fruit.
Cherry or grape tomatoes. The Bellino ones from Aldi are very cheap, and just delicious.
The John West Tuna with cracker packs are morish, especially the ones with thousand Island dressing.
I always used to take them to Zoos for all of us. And have extra crackers available. They still sell them at IGA.

OP Thank you 😃
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 Cherrios and tomatoe sauce?! Are they a cereal?!?
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 Yes, that’s what I was thinking too. Tomato sauce and cereal doesn’t sound very appetising, lol.
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 Probably a kiwi, 'cheerios' are a kiwi word for those small red sausages you get from the deli
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Check out Fun Cheap or Free on youtube. She did a video all about snack shit for her kids. It's really good, she's got some great ideas.

OP Oh awesome will check it out 😁
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Date balls / bliss balls are big winners here I make a plate of them (about 30/40) for $10.

Zucchini slice

Boiled eggs.

Smoothies I often over make them at breakfast so there’s always one large one or two small ones in the fridge.

OP Sound awesome!
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 So two questions
What do you put in your date / bliss balls that Do not include nuts??
And secondly, do the smoothies not go off colour if you use banana In them? (I ask this as my smoothies are always a banana smoothie lol)

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 1: sometimes just dates rolled in coconut if I have nothing else (bags are $1.80 at coles) 2 bags makes about 50 balls. I almost always have chia seeds so this will usually go in.

Being fancy I put goji berries, Pepitas, pumpkin seeds, all about a half or a third of the bag. (They range from $3-$4.50 a bag) I grind them into a powder.

In blue berry season I almost always have blueberries so I blend a punet.

pour a chunk of chia seeds

Mix all together and roll in shredded coconut.

2: yeah banana smoothies won’t stay a nice colour.
Our smoothies almost always have Berry’s, passion fruit, açai, mango, paw paw
I also make ice blocks with excess smoothies which make great snacks or on the go snacks too.

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 Another good frozen treat is the soft squishy cupcake moulds.... use them.

Bottom layer any date balls that are about to turn, blended frozen fruit with little bit of vanilla essence or confining depending on the fruit, put the purée blend as the second layer shave some Cadbury chocolate over the top... and voila mini raw cakes. Perfect snack bites.

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Heaps of dried fruit, coconut and health food aisle ‘choc’ snacks

We keep some cubed cheese and chicken or ham. I put it in little container for grab and go. That with a lil trail mix will fill them right up anywhere

Carrot, capsicum, cucumber sticks with hummus
Bananas bread (I freeze individual slices in zip lock bags)
Fruit muffins
Sweet potato brownies
Pureed frozen fruit in icy pole moulds
My kids love just plain cooked pasta
Corn thins with butter and vegemite

Home made Muffins, slices, cupcakes. Fruit and Veg

OP Thank you
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